Sequre SI012 Pro 65W (B2)

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Sequre SI012 Pro is a soldering pen suitable for field and home soldering. The Sl012 soldering pen is powered via a USB-C or DC2.5/5.5 connector. Power via USB-C is possible via a powerbank or a power supply supporting fast charging (PD, QC). The DC connector is used to supply power from 3-6S Lipo batteries (12-25V). All soldering pen data is displayed on a small 0.91" OLED display. A integrated beeper is a nice feature to alert you to changes in soldering pen status. The temperature is adjustable from 50-450°C. A microprocessor with an intelligent algorithm takes care of maintaining the desired temperature. The soldering pen has a alarm against low voltage. Thanks to this, it protects the power supply battery from over-discharging. With a power of up to 65W (depending on the supply voltage), heating is very fast. The Sequre SI012 Pro is compatible with TS tips (also used on Miniware TS101 soldering irons) and longer T12 tips.

The soldering pen comes with a TS-B2 tip.

Key Features

  • Temperature range: 50-450°C
  • Power: 16W (12V), 40W (19V), 65W (24V)
  • Display: OLED 0.91"
  • Built-in beeper
  • Low/high voltage, high temperature protection
  • Tip: TS/T12 compatible
  • Dimensions: 118x13.5mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Power Connector: USB-C, DC 5.5/2.5mm
  • Protocols: PD2.0/3.0, QC2.0/3.0
  • Input DC voltage: 12-25V (3-6S Lipo)

Package Includes

  • 1x Soldering Pen
  • 1x Tip
  • 1x Holder with sponge