Flywoo Firefly 1S FR16 Nano

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Flywoo Firefly 1S FR16 Nano is a carbon frame for a miniature 1S drone with 1.6" (40mm) propellers. The frame can be used to build a small toothpick or used to convert an already finished 65/75mm TinyWhoop. With a 40mm propeller and low weight, this type of drone is ideal for flying in a smaller garden or playground. The frame is designed for use with an analog camera but can also accommodate the Walksnail Avatar digital video transmitter. Propeller guards are also available for indoor flying. The top is made from FDM 3D printed soft TPU. The frame is designed to accommodate AIO boards with 25.5x25.5mm hole pitch, Nano size cameras, and three-hole motors with 6.6mm hole pitch.

Key Features

  • Diagonal distance of motors: 76mm
  • Camera size: 14mm (Nano)
  • Carbon weight: 3.7mm
  • Carbon thickness: 2mm
  • Propeller size: 40mm

Package Includes

  • 1x Frame
  • 1x Screw Set
  • 4x Propeller Guard