Set of MX1.25 connectors and cables

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€ 17,99

A handy set of crimped cables and MX1.25 connectors with 2-10 pins. That way you can always make the necessary connector. MX1.25 connectors are used on cameras and some video transmitters.

The cables are crimped on both sides and measure 15cm.

Key Features

  • Cable length: 15cm
  • Connector: MX1.25

Package Includes

  • 1x Tweezers
  • 20x 2P
  • 20x 3P
  • 20x 4P
  • 20x 5P
  • 20x 6P
  • 10x 7P
  • 10x 8P
  • 10x 9P
  • 10x 10P
  • 100x Shrink tubing
  • 180pcs 15cm cable (6 colors 30pcs each)