SpeedyBee Bee35 3.5 Pro

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SpeedyBee Bee35 is a frame for building a 3.5" Cinewhoop drone. The 3.5" Cinewhoops can easily carry classic GoPro and similar action cameras, and have enough thrust for faster flying. This makes it particularly suited for outdoor flying, but in the hands of an experienced pilot, it can also be used to film indoors.

The Bee35 has a top plate and arms made from 3.5mm carbon fiber. Plastic propeller covers can accommodate an LED strip (not included). The plastic propeller covers are mounted with four screws, so the drone can be easily serviced. In the front, there are sidewalls made of durable aluminum alloy to protect the FPV camera. The sidewalls are at the front of the drone so that the camera does not see the propeller covers. The camera is mounterd in rubber inserts that help minimize vibrations. On the bottom plate is a unique aluminum heatsink on which an analog or digital video transmitter can be installed. The frame has mounting holes 20x20mm, 25.5x25.5mm and 30.5x30.5mm to accommodate a wide range of flight controllers. The battery is located on the top plate of the drone and can be placed horizontally and vertically. Also included is a 3D print kit for mounting a GoPro camera or installing a GPS module (see photos).


Key Features

  • Diagonal motor spacing: 153mm
  • Thickness of top plate: 3.5mm
  • Thickness of bottom plate: 2mm
  • Camera size: 19/20mm
  • Height for stack: 24mm
  • Mounting holes for stack: 20x20/25.5x25.5/30.5x30.5mm
  • Mounting holes for VTX: 20x20/25.5x25.5mm
  • Mounting holes for motors: 12mm M2
  • Propeller size: 90mm (3.5")
  • Weight: 138g

Package Includes

  • 1x Frame
  • 1x Screw Set
  • 1x 3D Print Set