Rotorama Split Pearl

€ 29,99

Our goal was to make the smallest and lightest "GoPro quality" recording 2 inch quad.

Where you might be worried  to fly "big HD miniquad", you can grab Rotorama Split Pearl now and get some decent HD footage from Runcam Split!

Team pilot David Strnad said that after years of FPV racing, he had finally found his favourite quad (watch the video below).  

Key Features

  • high quality 2mm  3K-UD-3K carbon
  • stack FC/ESC: 20mm (TPU reduction),  30mm
  • HD/FPV kamera: Runcam Split
  • motor: 11XX (recommended 1104/1105/1106,  6000+ KV)
  • props: 2"

Package Includes

1x carbon frame kit