Rotorama Mefisto V2

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Rotorama Mefisto V2 is the next generation of the popular Mefisto frame. Against its predecessor, it has reinforced 5mm carbon arms and a different way of attaching them. A third standoff was added to the sides for better durability and better camera protection. The middle of the frame is slightly bigger in order to increase space for a stack. The frame has a total weight of 78 grams.

The basic shape of a copter is a stretched X where the distance between the front and rear engines is greater than between the left and right engines.  The arms are divided and easily replaceable. In the case of a very hard fall and possible breakage, you can be back in the air in a few minutes.
Rotorama Mefisto V2 supports standard size cameras (28mm) and stacks of 30.5x30.5mm. The arms support both 16x16 and 16x19mm motors.

Key Features

  • split arms with quick and easy replacement
  • shape long X
  • Suitable for all standard components (camera 28mm, FC 30.5mm)
  • suitable for 22XX / 23XX motors
  • maximum propeller size 5 "
  • weight: 78 g