USB power supply with XT60

On the way - Mar 21, 2024
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€ 7,89

USB-A and USB-C power supply with DC input and XT60 connector. The power supply has both USB-A and USB-C output with a maximum output power of 45W. There is an XT60 connector on the input for easy connection of 3-6S Lipo batteries (10.5-32V). The power supply supports both QC2.0/QC3.0 and PD protocols. It is suitable for powering phones, action cameras, RC radios and other accessories. Its small size and DC input make it ideal for travel. The circuit is equipped with protection functions against high and low voltage, high output current and overheating.

Key Features

  • Input voltage: 10.5-32V (3-6S Lipo)
  • Input connector: XT60
  • Output connector: USB-A/USB-C
  • Output power: 45W
  • Output: 3V@3.6A, 5V@3.4A, 9V@3A, 12V@3A, 15V@2.3A, 20V@2.3A
  • Length: 65mm
  • Weight: 14g

Package Includes

  • 1x USB power supply