Readytosky Mark4 8" V2

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The Mark4 8" V2 is a carbon frame suitable for building larger 8" long-range drone. The frame has a diagonal motor spacing of 367mm and arms made of 6mm thick carbon, which are interlocked for added frame rigidity. The frame is designed for Micro (19mm) size cameras. The camera is mounted in carbon sidewalls to protect it. The frame can accommodate stacks with mounting holes 30,5x30,5mm and 20x20mm. The rear of the frame then has space to locate a video transmitter. For the video transmitter there are mounting holes with spacing 30,5x30,5mm and 20x20mm. The motors can be used with both 16mm and 19mm M3 holes. The frame is designed for use with analog video transmission. However, more experienced drone builders can get digital video transmitters into it without much difficulty.

Key Features

  • Motor diagonal distance: 367mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • Mounting holes for stack: 30,5x30,5mm M3 / 20x20mm M2
  • Mounting holes for VTX: 30.5x30.5mm M3 / 20x20mm M2
  • Mounting holes for motors: 16mm / 19mm
  • Arm thickness: 7.5mm
  • Top plate: 3mm
  • Bottom plate: 3mm
  • Camera size: Micro (19mm)

Package Includes

  • 1x Frame