MenaceRC Viper Linear

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MenaceRC Viper is a directional antenna with high gain and linear polarization. Small rod antennas with linear polarization are mainly used on Whoops and small 2-3" drones. Linear polarization is also used on DJI O3 units.

When combining antennas with circular polarization on the glasses and linear polarization on the copter, there is a 3dB loss, which is equivalent to the video transmitter transmitting at half power. With this antenna, you will avoid these losses and increase the video range.

Key Features

  • Polarization: linear
  • Gain: 8dBi
  • Emitting angle: 90°
  • Conector: SMA
  • Size: 42x38x19mm
  • Weight: 12g

Package Includes

  • 1x Antenna