Course of building racing drone

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Come to us and learn to build racing FPV drones! You will build your own drone under the supervision of our experienced technician who will take full care of you all the time. We will show you and explain everything in the process. We will prepare for you a workplace with all the equipment that is needed for the drone assembly and after a short theoretical introduction we will go into the build. After the successful build of the racing drone, we will explain the configuration of the FC, ESCs and the transmitter and we will test and fly the built drone.

It is possible to build your own drone from the ordered components you will take after the course. If you do not want to build your own drone, you can build on a test drone from borrowed parts.

The course takes place at 13:00 in Rotorama offices in Prague, Chodov. The days vary. The duration of the course is about 6 hours depending on your initial experience. In the order note, please enter your preferred course date. 

Key Features

  • Building a race drone with our experienced technician
  • Explanation of the configuration
  • Workplace with all the necessary equipment