iFlight XING-E Pro 2208 1800Kv

€ 18,67

The Xing-E Pro series has long been ranked among the motors with the best price/performance ratio on the market. Quality workmanship, unibell, round magnets, good bearings and high durability make them very popular motors. Size 2208 is especially suitable for heavier freestyle drones or for pilots who want more power. Compared to the 2207, the 2208 is 14% more powerful.

Key Features

  • Inner shaft: 4mm Steel
  • Mounting holes: 16x16mm
  • Magnets: N52SH curved
  • Bearing: 9x4x4 NSK
  • Motor size: 29x20.7mm
  • Weight: 38.8g
  • Cable: 20AWG 160mm

Package Includes

  • 1x Motor
  • 1x Set of accessories