iFlight XING 2208 1800Kv

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€ 27,89

Quality motor from iFlight Xing series. The higher 8mm stator makes the motor more powerful than the commonly used 2207. You'll especially appreciate the increased power on heavier freestyle drones that carry a GoPro-style HD camera.

Like all high-end motors, the Xing 2208 uses rounded, strong N52H magnets, a lightweight titanium alloy shaft, and a durable unibell design.

Key Features

  • Inner shaft: 4mm Titanium alloy
  • Mounting holes: 16x16mm
  • Magnets: N52SH curved
  • Bearings: 9x4x4 NSK
  • Dimensions: φ28.5*19.7mm
  • Weight: 37g (including cable)
  • Cable: 20AWG 160mm

Package Includes

  • 1x Motor
  • 1x Accessory Kit