iFlight ProTek25 Pusher 4S PNP - GOCam GR 4K

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The iFlight ProTek25 Pusher is built with a 2.5" Cinewhoop suitable for capturing 4K footage. Thanks to the covered propellers and small dimensions, it is especially suitable for flying indoors, but it can also fly outdoors without any problems. The specialty of this copter is the built-in 4K camera iFlight GOCam GR 4K. Camera supports recording up to 4K/30fps, parameters can be set via application or QR code. Thanks to logging of gyro data, the recording from the camera can be stabilized in post-processing using Gyroflow. It is the built-in camera that will give the drone compact dimensions and a low weight of 149 grams without battery.

The copter is powered by 1404 4600Kv motors and 2.5" propellers. These are recommended to be combined with a 4S battery with a capacity of 650-850mAh. The brain of the drone is the iFlight Whoop F4 AIO V1.1 FC with BMI270 IMU unit. 8MB memory is available for blackbox. The AIO board also includes 20A regulators with BlHeli_S firmware. Video transmission is provided by an iFlight Racecam camera in combination with a Succex Mini Force video transmitter with a power of up to 600mW.

We deliver the copter in the PNP variant - without receiver. Choose it according to your RC radio.

Key Features

  • Built 2.5" Cinewhoop without receiver
  • Integrated 4K camera iFlight GOCam GR
  • Motors: 1404 4600Kv
  • FC: iFlight Whoop F4 AIO
  • Camera: iFlight Racecam (Caddx Ant)
  • VTX: iFlight Succex Mini Force 25-600mW
  • Recommended battery: 4S 650-850mAh

Package Includes

  • 1x Drone + GOCam GR 4K camera
  • 2x Foam for propeller protectors
  • 1x Set of propellers
  • 1x Set of cables