iFlight iH3 O3 - 4S ELRS

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iFlight iH3 is a small 3.5" drone designed for flying mainly in the garden, in the park or in a small meadow. The video transmission is provided by the DJI O3 unit, which will provide superior video transmission in HD quality. The DJI O3 can also record up to 4K video directly on board the drone, including the option of image stabilization. With the H configuration, the motors are hidden behind the camera level by the image is not disturbed by the propeller tip. This is especially important for capturing 4K footage directly with the DJI O3 camera. For those who are not satisfied with the footage from the DJI O3, the drone is equipped with a Naked GoPro mount. 

The drone is powered by iFlight Xing 1504 3100Kv motors combined with HQ 3.5x2.5x3 propellers. This combination should be complemented by a 4S battery with a capacity of 650-1000mAh with XT30 connector. The battery connector is secured on the top plate. This keeps the battery cable from moving and minimizes the chance of the propeller cutting the cable. The control electronics used are the iFlight Blitz F7 Mini and iFlight Blitz E55 controllers. The GPS module is already installed on the drone. In addition to useful information in the OSD such as speed, distance from the point of loss or direction of the home, the GPS module allows the automatic return of the drone to the launch site in case of signal loss. An ELRS 2.4GHz receiver is installed in the drone, but can be replaced with another.

Key Features

  • Motors: iFlight Xing 1504 3100Kv
  • Stack: iFlight Blitz F7 + E55
  • Video transmission: DJI O3
  • Integrated antispark 
  • Installed GPS module
  • Frame configuration: H
  • Size: 135x100x40mm
  • Weight: approx. 216g (without battery)
  • Diagonal motor spacing: 168mm
  • Recommended batteries: 4S 650-1000mAh XT30

Package Includes

  • 1x Drone
  • 1x Propeller Kit
  • 1x Battery Pad
  • 1x Naked GoPro Cable