Happymodel X12 Pro 1-2S 12A (FC+ESC+RX+VTX) ELRS

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The Happymodel X12 Pro AIO is a small board for 1-2S Whoops containing a flight controller, ESCs, video transmitter and RC receiver. The board is thus perfectly suited for small drones where every gram plays a role.

At the heart of the flight controller is the F411 processor complemented by the ICM20689 gyro. Even with this size, the board has not only a voltage sensor (scale 110), but also a current sensor (scale 470). The ESCs with BlHeli_S  firmware support 1-2S battery power and current up to 12A. This makes them suitable for 0802-1104 size motors and 1404 size motors for less aggressive drones.

Video transmission is handled by a video transmitter with OpenVTX firmware and switchable power 25-400mW and u.FL connector for antenna connection. The video transmitter is configured via the flight controller using the SmartAudio 2.1 or IRC Tramp protocol.

The receiver is an ELRS 2.4GHz connected via UART. The receiver has an integrated SMD antenna. The telemetry power is 15mW.

The video transmitter heats up quite a bit. Because it is integrated on the board with the rest of the electronics, we do not recommend leaving the board on for long periods of time without ambient airflow. If the picture drops out, you need to let the board cool down. In flight, the board is easily cooled by ambient air. Do not turn on the board without the antenna connected.

Key Features

  • Processor: STM32F411CEU6
  • Gyro: ICM20689
  • BF Target: CRAZYBEEF4SX1280
  • ESC Target: Z_H_30_REV16_7
  • Mounting Holes: 25.5x25.5mm
  • Input Voltage: 1-2S (2.9-8.7V)
  • Current Sensor: Yes - Scale: 470
  • BEC: 5V@1A
  • ESC Current: 12A
  • Receiver: ELRS 2.4GHz UART
  • Telemetry Power: <12dBm (15mW)
  • FW Video Transmitter: OpenVTX
  • VTX protocol: SmartAudio 2.1 / IRC Tramp
  • VTX output power: 25mW (14dBm), 100mW (20dBm), 400mW (26dBm)

Package Includes

  • 1x AIO Board
  • 1x Linear antenna
  • 1x Screw set
  • 1x Softmount set
  • 1x PH2.0 connector with cable