Happymodel ES900TX 868MHz ExpressLRS TX

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Happymodel ES900TX Pro 868MHz ExpressLRS TX is an expansion transmitter module for large radio shafts. The module is compatible with radios with OpenTX or EdgeTX firmware. ExpressLRS (abbreviated ELRS) is an open source project and the transmit and receive modules are produced by multiple manufacturers. Happymodel is one of them. ELRS is currently one of the most advanced RC transmissions. It offers reliable long distance link, high refresh rate, adjustable power, update via wifi and more. The 868MHz ELRS is especially suitable for long-range flying.

ELRS has great community support. However, it is an open system that is rapidly evolving and changing. All information about ELRS can be found at here.

The Happymodel ELRS module has both an internal aluminum heat sink and active fan cooling. The module status is indicated by RGB LED. 

Key Features

  • Frequency band: 868MHz
  • Firmware: HappyModel_ES24TX_Pro_Series_2400_TX
  • MCU: ESP32 + ESP8258 (TX Backpack)
  • RF chip: SX1276IMLTRT
  • Maximum power: 2000mW
  • Input voltage: 5-10V (2S Lipo)
  • Weight: 51g
  • Size: 55x39x11mm
  • Antenna connector: SMA

Package Includes

  • 1x ELRS TX module
  • 1x Moxon antenna