Happymodel CrossF4 1-2S 5A AIO (FC+ESC+RX) ELRS

€ 53,09

Happymodel CrossF4 ELRS is a miniature board with flight controller, ESCs and ELRS receiver in one. Cross uses an integrated EP1 ELRS receiver connected via UART2. Compared to the more common SPI receiver, the board therefore features a full-featured ELRS receiver with its own firmware as is common on larger drones.

The board supports 1-2S battery power and 5A current. It is thus suitable for motors up to size 1202. The ESCs use the BlHeli_S/Bluejay firmware. For easy connection of motors, the board can be equipped with connectors.

To get the blackbox working, type the following into the CLI:

set blackbox_device = SPIFLASH
set flash_spi_bus = 2
resource FLASH_CS 1 a14


Key Features

  • Target: CRAZYBEEF4DX4.3.2
  • MCU: STM32F411CEU6
  • Gyro: BMI270
  • Input Voltage: 1-2S (2.8-8.7V)
  • ESC: 5A BlHeli_S/Bluejay
  • Integrated ELRS EP1 receiver (UART2)
  • BEC: 5V 1A
  • Current sensor
  • Blackbox: 16MB
  • Mounting holes: 25.5x25.5mm

Package Includes

  • 1x AIO Board
  • 1x PH2.0 connector
  • 1x Softmount Kit