Happymodel CrazybeeF4 V3.1 2-4S 12A AIO Frsky

€ 64,69

Happymodel CrazybeeF4 is an AIO board built on F411 processor and MPU6000 gyro. The board also includes 12A regulators with BlHeli_S firmware and an integrated diversity SPI Frsky D8 receiver. CrazybeeF4 supports 2-4S Lipo battery power. It is therefore suitable mainly for 2-3" copters. The board has ready connectors for connecting motors. For easy installation, the board already has a factory-soldered buzzer, a cable for a video transmitter and an XT30 connector. CrazybeeF4 thus allows you to build a drone with a minimum of soldering.

Key Features

  • Procesor: STM32F411CEU6
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • Size: 28,5x28,5mm
  • Mounting hole: 25,5x25,5mm
  • Input voltage: 2-4S (7-17V)
  • ESC current: 12A
  • BEC: 5V@1A
  • BF Target: MATEKF411RX
  • ESC Target: F_H_40_REV16_8
  • Receiver: SPI Frsky D8
  • Soldered Buzzer

Package Includes

  • 1x FC
  • 2x RC antenna
  • 1x Buzeer