GEPRC TinyRadio ELRS 2G4

€ 72,89

GEPRC TinyRadio is a radio with an excellent price/performance ratio. The biggest advantage of the radio is the integrated ExpressLRS module in the 2.4GHz version with a maximum power of 500mW. ELRS is an open-source system that surpasses classic RC systems in all respects. High refresh rate up to 500Hz, long range, wifi, binding phrase and many other functions are just a short list of what ELRS can offer. The radio is especially suitable for novice pilots, who will be offered reliable RC transmission at an affordable price. Always make sure your antenna is connected before switching on.

TinyRadio bets on a simple design. Beginner pilots will certainly appreciate the possibility of connecting the radio to the computer via bluetooth. Flying on the simulator is thus more comfortable without the need to connect cables. The radio is powered by a 2S battery (not included). There is a slot for 2x 18650 Liion batteries. The batteries are charged via the USB-C connector. Charging is indicated by a blue LED.

TinyRadio has no display. The ELRS module can be easily set up via Wi-Fi. You activate Wi-Fi by holding down the Setup button on the back of the radio for a long time. A fast flashing red LED indicates an active Wi-Fi network. You turn the transmitter on/off by holding down the power button for a long time. The correct functionality of the radio is signaled by a lit LED. Turn on the Bluetooth mode by simultaneously holding down the Bind and Setup buttons and turning on the radio. Bluetooth mode is signaled by slow flashing of the red LED.

Key Features

  • Size: 147x135x71mm
  • Weight: 223g
  • Frequency range: 2,4GHz
  • Input voltage 6,6-8,4V
  • Antenna connector: SMA
  • Maximal power: 500mW
  • Number of channels: 8
  • Charging port: USB-C

Package Includes

  • 1x Radio
  • Cache for 18650 batteries