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GEPRC Tern-LR40 HD O3 is a small 4" drone with DJI O3 digital transmission. The drone is especially suitable for chill cruise or long-range. Its low weight makes it quiet and has long flight time. The frame has a deadcat arm layout, where the front arms are moved more to the side and back, so that there are no distracting propeller edges in the FPV feed. You'll especially appreciate this when capturing HD footage of your flight, that the DJI O3 unit can do. The camera is protected by a cage made of durable 7075 aluminum alloy. The Tern-LR40 also impresses with its GPS module. This is mounted on an elevated leg, making it further away from electromagnetic interference from the rest of the drone. This helps to load satellites faster. Thanks to the GPS module, the drone supports the automatic return to launch function.

The flight control is handled by the GEPRC Taker G4 AIO unit with the 45A ESCs using the BlHeli_32 firmware. The propulsion is provided by GEPRC SpeedX2 1404 3000Kv motors in combination with HQProp T4x2.5 propellers. The image transmission is handled by the aforementioned DJI O3 unit. The drone is equipped with GPS GEP-M10 Nano. Everything is held together by a GEPRC Tern-LR40 frame. This has a diagonal motor distance of 180mm and arms cut from 3.5mm thick carbon fiber. 

The drone comes without a receiver and is suitable for control via the DJI Controller 2. However, any receiver according to your radio can be easily installed in the drone.

Recommended batteries are 4S with 650-1000mAh capacity.

Key Features

  • Video transmission: DJI O3
  • Motors: GEPRC SPEEDX2 1404 3000Kv
  • AIO Board: GEPRC Taker G4 45A AIO
  • Frame: Tern-LR40
  • Gyro: ICM 42688-P
  • Weight: 180g
  • Propeller: HQ T4x2.5
  • GPS: GEP-M10 Nano
  • Antenna: DJI O3
  • Flight Time: 750mAh 4S ~7min, 3000mAh 4S Liion ~25min
  • Conector: XT30

Package Includes

  • 1x Drone
  • 2x Lipo strap
  • 2x Propeller kit
  • 1x Accessories