GEPRC Mark5 Deadcat O3 MK5D

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The GEPRC Mark5 Deadcat O3 MK5D is a 5" freestyle drone frame. The frame is not only suitable for use with the DJI O3 digital transmission.

On the frame, the first thing that catches your eye is the robust camera cage. It is made of durable 7075 aluminum alloy and thus protects the camera very well. The camera is not mounted directly in the aluminum side panels, but in a 3D printed insert. This helps reduce vibration and minimize damage from falls. By using other inserts, the camera attachment can be easily changed, so the frame is not limited to the DJI O3 only. The durable cage is complemented by wide arms made of 5 mm thick carbon that can withstand more than one fall.

The upper plateau is divided into two parts. The front part, on which the possible holder for the HD camera is mounted, and the back part. When servicing the drone, there is no need to remove the entire top of the copter. The XT60 connector, which is assigned to the upper plate, is nice. This minimizes the chance of the battery cables getting tangled in the propellers.

We deliver the frame in the MK5D Standard - Deadcat version. In this design, the front arms are placed more to the sides. So the propellers are not visible in the image and you can fully enjoy the flight. The deadcat configuration is especially important when used with the DJI O3, where the DJI camera is used simultaneously for video recording and stabilization.

Key Features

  • Diagonal spacing of motors: 230mm
  • Shoulder thickness: 5mm
  • Thickness of top and bottom plates: 2.5mm
  • Stack mounting holes: 30.5x30.5mm M3
  • Motor mounting holes: 16/19mm M3
  • Size for camera: 20mm
  • Weight: 168g
  • Color of prints: Orange

Package Includes

  • 1x Frame
  • 1x 3D print for the camera
  • 1x 3D print for DJI O3
  • 1x 3D print for the antenna
  • 2x Pad under the battery
  • 2x Lipo tape
  • 1x Set of small items