GEPRC Cinebot30 HD O3 - 6S ELRS

On the way - Aug 12, 2024
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€ 591,89

The GEPRC Cinebot30 is a built quality small drone with covered propellers designed primarily for taking breathtaking videos indoors, outdoors or near people.

The Cinebot has a FPV camera mount made of durable 7075 aluminum alloy, which protects the camera very well. An HD camera such as Insta360 Go, Naked GoPro, GoPro Bones and the like is mounted on a carbon part, which is separated from the rest of the frame by rubber soft mounts. These prevent the transmission of high-frequency vibrations to the camera and thus help in better recording and easier video stabilization in post production. Propeller covers are durable polycarbonate moldings. Polycarbonate is a very tough plastic that is commonly used to make propellers. A COB LED strip is hidden in the propeller cover for effect.

Speedx2 1804 2450Kv motors take care of the drive, which is suitable to combine with a 6S battery with a capacity of 850-1100mAh. At the core is an AIO board with an F722 processor and 45A ESC. The simple design of the frame is also nice. The upper part of the frame can be removed by loosening only 6 screws. Servicing the copter is thus relatively simple. Video transmission is ensured by DJI O3 top HD transmission.

Cinebot30 is delivered with an ELRS 2.4G receiver, but it can be exchanged for another one.

Key Features

  • Weight: 209g
  • Diagonal spacing of motors: 127mm
  • Video transmitter: DJI O3
  • Controller: GEP-722-45A AIO V2
  • Receiver: ELRS 2.4G
  • Motors: Speedx2 1804 2450Kv
  • Propeller: HQProp T76mm

Package Includes

  • 1x Drone
  • 1x Set of propellers
  • 1x Set of screws
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Set of cables
  • 1x Lipo strap
  • HD Camera and battery are not included in the package