Foxeer F722 V4 8S Mini

€ 60,59

The Foxeer F722 V4 is a good FC in mini size. Unlike other FCs, this FC supports up to 8S batteries. This has advantages even when powered by a classic 6S battery, as the electronics are more resistant to voltage peaks. The Foxeer F722 uses a powerful F7 processor in combination with an ICM 42688-P gyro, which has a refresh rate of 8kHz. 5V/3A and 10V/2A BEC, 16MB memory for blackbox are available on the board. The board also has I2C pads for connecting a compass and 8 outputs for motors. OSD for analog video and support for all digital video transmitters is a matter of course.

Wiring diagram

Key Features

  • Model: Mini F722 V4 8S Dual BEC
  • Gyro: ICM 42688-P
  • Power supply: 4-8S Lipo
  • BEC: 5V/3A 10V/2A
  • Blackbox: 16MB
  • Number of UARTs: 6
  • Size: 30x31mm
  • Mounting holes: 20x20mm M4 (M3 with softmount)
  • Weight: 5.6g

Package Includes

  • 1x FC
  • 1x Set of softmounts