Emax EZ Pilot RTF

€ 150,99

Emax EZ Pilot is a complete set of FPV goggles, radio and copter designed especially for beginner pilots. Controlling the drone is relatively easy and safe, which is why the EZ Pilot is also suitable for children. The quad with the battery weighs 47 grams and its diagonal distance between the motors is 80 mm.  The frame is made of a durable flexible plate that can withstand more than one fall. The camera and video transmitter is part of the drone, so it is possible to fly with FPV goggles.

EZ Pilot excels with its unique firmware, which is developed just for novice pilots and provides three flight modes. The first is the classic stabilized mode (angle), which is commonly used on whoops and sometimes even larger quads. The second mode is altitude hold, where it holds the altitude itself and thus makes piloting very easy. The last mode combines tilting and turning so that you can fly using only one radio stick. This is especially appreciated by children and beginners.

The package includes a basic radio, which will be used for the first acquaintance with FPV drones. The Emax Transporter FPV box goggles are relatively well equipped for their price category. They support 48 channels and can be used with all analog racing drones. The glasses have a sliding lens, so you can focus better and regulate the size of the image. The advantage is the built-in fan, which prevents fogging of the display. The glasses are also equipped with a receiver with diversity, thanks to which they select the better signal from two antennas. The glasses are powered by an external 1S battery, which can be charged via USB. The glasses are thus lighter and more comfortable. The only possible disadvantage is the absence of DVR.

Key Features

  • Set suitable for beginners and younger pilots
  • Assisted flight modes with the possibility of holding altitude
  • Proprietary firmware
  • Diagonal distance between motors: 80mm
  • Weight with battery: 47g


  • Display size: 4.3 "
  • Display resolution: 480x320px
  • Diversity income
  • Built-in fan
  • Sliding lens
  • External 1800mAh 1S battery

Package Includes

  • 1x Dron
  • 1x Radio
  • 1x FPV Googles
  • 1x Battery for googles
  • 1x 450mah 1S 4.35V HV LiPo Battery for drone
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 2x Set of spare propellers
  • 1x Micro USB cable