Diatone Roma L5 4S PNP

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Diatone Roma L5 is a built 5" drone belonging to the ultralight category. Compared to classic racing or freestyle drones, it is significantly quieter and has a longer flight time. Ultralights are thus especially suited for recreational pilots and quiet flights through the countryside, enjoying a bird's eye view. Ultralights aren't as fast and durable, so they don't shine on the race track, and a rugged freestyle copter is better suited for aggressive bando flying and pounding concrete. Still, they fly over 100 kilometers per hour and can withstand some crashing.

The basis of the Roma L5 AIO drone is a MAMBA F722 AIO MK1 unit with F722 processor and 35A ESCs with BlHeli_S. Power is provided by 2004 2900Kv motors, which combined with a 4S battery of 1000-1300mAh capacity give the copter more than enough power for fun flying. The drone also includes the M8Plus GPS module, which lets you know how far you are and how fast you are flying. In case of signal loss, an automatic return to the launch site can be activated, which will help nerves on longer trips. Video transmission is provided by the Runcam Phoenix 2 camera and the Mamba Ultra Tiny analogue video transmitter with up to 400mW of power. For an ideal signal, the longer FPV antenna on the copter extends up above the battery.

The recommended battery is a 4S with a capacity of 1000-1300mAh.

The drones comes in PNP version - without receiver. Choose the receiver according to your RC radio.

Key Features

  • Weight: 190g (without battery)
  • Flight time: approx. 10min of calmer flight
  • Motors: 2004 2900Kv
  • Board: MAMBA F722 AIO MK1 35A BLS
  • Camera: Runcam Phoenix 2
  • VTX: Mamba Ultra Tiny
  • GPS: M8Plus

Package Includes

  • 1x Drone