Diatone Mamba Ultra 1000 25-1000mW

€ 33,29

Mamba Ultra 1000 from Diatone is a powerful video transmitter with adjustable power from 25mW to 1Watt. The video transmitter can be mounted in a stack (30x30mm M3). The aluminum heatsink helps dissipate heat and at the same time protects the video transmitter from mechanical damage. The video transmitter can be used mainly in freestyle and long-range helicopters.

Key Features

  • Input voltage: 7-36V
  • Consumption: 450mA (12V / 1000mW)
  • Size: 36x36x6.5mm
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Power: 25/200/400/800 / 1000mW

Package Includes

  • 1x Video transmitter
  • 1x SMA pigtail
  • 1x Cable set