Diatone Mamba MK4 F405 (MPU6000) + Reactor 44 BL32

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Mamba MK4 F405 + Reactor 44 BL32 Mini is a powerful stack for small 3-5" drones.

The Mamba MK4 F405 Mini is the fourth generation flight controller, with the main advantage of larger solder pads and USB-C connector. It uses the F405 processor and the MPU6000 gyro, which supports a refresh rate of 8kHz. The board also includes 5V and 9V BEC, a barometer and 16MB memory for the blackbox. The board has raised I2C bus pads for compass connection. For protection against voltage spikes, the board has a TVS diode. Connecting the DJI O3 digital video transmission is simple via the connector.

The stack is complemented by a powerful Reactor 44 ESC that uses BlHeli_32 firmware and supports up to 128KH frequency, ensuring smooth and efficient motor operation even at high speeds. The ESC supports telemetry and includes a current sensor. Even with the small size of the ESC, large MOSFETs are used. The maximum current of the ESC is 44A per channel. When using a 6S battery, a capacitor must be connected.


Key Features

  • Processor: STM32F405
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • BF Target: MAMBAF405_2022A
  • Number of UARTs: 6
  • BEC: 3.3V@0.5A, 5V@2.5A, 9V@2A
  • TVS Diode
  • Integrated Barometer
  • Power Supply: 4-6S
  • Mounting Holes: 20x20mm M3/M2
  • ESC Current: 44A
  • FW ESC: BlHeli_32

Package Includes

  • 1x Flight controller
  • 1x ESC
  • 1x Set of softmounts
  • 1x Set of cables
  • 1x XT60 with cable
  • 1x Capacitor