AtomRC Headtracking Gimbal 2D

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The AtomRC Gimbal is a plastic two-axis gimbal that allows you to rotate the FPV camera. The Gimbal finds its use mainly on FPV aircraft in combination with headtracking where the camera follows the movement of the head.The Gimbal can hold both the camera and the video transmitter and supports all available analogue and digital video systems. Gimbal can accommodate Micro and Nano size cameras.

The swivel part with the camera and video transmitter is mounted on a quick release base. It can thus be taken off and added to another model very easily. Multiple aircraft can thus share one FPV transmission very easily. Included in the package are 3D printed plastic parts, screws, 2x quick release base and servos.

Key Features

  • Camera size: Micro/Nano
  • Two pivoting axes - right/left, up/down
  • Quick release base

Package Includes

  • 1x Gimbal (3d printing)
  • 2x Base
  • 1x Screw Set
  • 1x 270° S09P Servo
  • 1x 90° S09P Servo
  • 1x Cable Set