Rotorama Led Board V2

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The Rotorama Led Board V2 is a board for easier quad assembly. The board fits into a stack of 30.5x30.5mm and greatly simplifies the wiring of addressable LED strips. On the board there are pads both for soldering {0]common strips and the Matek mounting connectors. LEDs can be powered by an external BEC or can be easily soldered to the Matek BEC .

The TBS Unify Nano video transmitter and the TBS Crossfire Nano , Frsky XM and Frsky XM + receivers can easily be attached to the Led Board V2.

Key Features

  • 30.5x30.5mm stack
  • easy LED installation
  • support of Matek BEC
  • mount for TBS Unify Nano
  • TBS Crossfire Nano Rx mount
  • fastening of Frsky XM and XM +
  • weight: 3.1g

Package Includes

1x Led Board V2 with connectors