B6AC battery charger AC/DC 6A 80W

On the way - Oct 28, 2022
€ 32,35

B6AC is a very popular charger  for all kind of batteries (LiPo/NiCd/NiMh/Pb). The charger includes integrated power supply for 110-240V or you can power it up from DC power supply 11-18V. Comfortable to use at home or in the field.

We ship the charger with the XT60 charging cable, which is usualy not included in the package from the manufacturer.

Key Features

  • Voltage nput: AC 110V-240V, DC 11.0V-18.0V
  • Power output: 80W 
  • current: 0.1-6.0A
  • discharge current: 0.1-2.0A
  • max current when balancing Lipo: 300mAh/článek
  • NiCd/ NiMH batteries: 1-15 článků
  • LiPo batteries: 1-6 článků
  • Pb batteries: 2-20V
  • dimensions: 136×141×34mm