ZMX FinX30 DD07-2.6K "IJN Akatsuki"

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The ZMX motor FinX represents the high-end product and the revolution on the field of electric motors. The patented rotor design ensures enormous torque and power at extremely low weight - this makes it the ideal outrunner for all kinds of 5" setups where you need power and low weight (and cool design :)

Recommended props:

  • Gemfan GF5152 Flash
  • DALProp T5050C Cyclone
  • Racekraft RK5051 TCS
  • Emax Avan
  • Racekraft RK5046 TCS

Recommended quad weight without battery: < 300g

Benchmarks and review:

Key Features

  • Patented String Theory (TM) Flux ring-All Rights Reserved
  • stator diameter: 22mm
  • stator height: 7.5mm
  • magnet: N52SH
  • structure: 6+7 turns Delta-True KV = 2610KV
  • wire: 20cm 20AWG
  • 7075-T7 Aluminum
  • thread: CW
  • weight: 29.6g (s krátkým kabelem)

Package Includes

1x Motor