Rotorama Katana 2204 1800kv

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On the way - Jul 28, 2019
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Rotorama Katana 1800KV is the "low-kv" variant of our popular ultra-light 5" motors which follows the current trend in popularity of 6S LiPo batteries. Higher voltage and lower kv guarantee higher efficiency of the drive system (= lower current at the same output).

Motors are sharp as a razor and light as a feather. Rotorama Katana 2204 1800KV are designed specifically for lightweight 5" copters such as the Rotorama Samurai .

The Rotorama Samurai frame, together with the Katana motors, provides a new level of fun - the copter has minimal inertia and performs unbeatably in turns.

The Katana has been tailored for lightweight three-blade and heavier two-blade five-inch propellers.

The Katana motors are made from the highest quality components in one of the best electric motor factories.

Key Features

  • configuration: 12N14P
  • recommended battery: 5-6S
  • magnets: N52H arc magnet
  • power cables: 20AWG
  • shaft: hollow shaft made of titanium alloy
  • stator: 0.2mm Kawasaki silicon steel
  • bearings: Japan NSK 3 x 8 x 4mm (693ZZ)
  • base and rotor material: Al 7075
  • Weight: 20.2g with shortened cables

Package Includes

  • 1x motor
  • accessories