BrotherHobby Returner R3 2206 1720KV

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BrotherHobby's premium brand motors rank among the world's best engines on the market. This time, we introduce the Returner R3 2206 1720KV - a lower KV value, these engines make it an interesting choice for 4S long-range or 5-6S racing setup. When using 6 "and 7" propellers in combination with 4S, longer flight times can be achieved than usual. Conversely, with 5 "and 5S or 6S Li-Po, these engines can also be used for powerful racing. Lower KV and higher voltages ensure a slightly higher efficiency of the propulsion system than the "classic" 2300KV + engines.

Key Features

  • number of cells: 3-6S
  • size: 2206
  • configuration: 12N14P
  • cable: AWG20 / 150 mm
  • bearings: Japanese NSK 3 x 8x 4 (mm)
  • material: Al7075 / Al6061
  • Weight: 29.8g, including the unbroken cable

Package Includes

  • 1x engine including fasteners