TBS Unify Pro HV 25-800mW 40ch

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This miniature FPV video transmitter from Team BlackSheep is your clear choice for both training and serious races. Ground mode with negligible power will let you use it in the pit even when others are flying. Features intelligent channel switching without interference, RC Tx adjustment or even manageability directly by race organizers. On many professional racing occasions this tends to be the only legal video transmitter!

Key Features

  • Power supply: 2s - 6s
  • Weight: 5 g (with antenna cable, w/o antenna)
  • 5 V camera power source
  • Dimensions: 31 x 22 x 6mm
  • Antenna connector: RP-SMA female, with mounting holes
  • TV system: NTSC and PAL
  • Transmitting power: adjustable 25 mW, 200 mW, 500 mW or 800 mW
  • No. of channels: 40
  • RC Tx and OSD adjustment
  • Racing mode

Package Includes

  • Video transmitter
  • Cables