Foxeer Monster V2 16:9

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The Foxeer Monster V2 is a camera with a state-of-the-art CMOS image chip, which in a number of respects surpasses the CCD cameras. It stands out for its unrivalled WDR (wide dynamic range) ensuring great visibility even in extreme light conditions such as flying through dark building on a sunny day. While CCD cameras display a very dark image when entering a dark area before adjusting exposure (several of tenths of a second), this CMOS camera can handle everything in the required visibility with no lag.

The camera additionally offers minimal latency comparable to or better than CCD cameras, support for a wide input-voltage range, or a durable metal case.

A great advantage is the presence of an OSD that can display the battery voltage. We supply the camera in version V2 that contains a separate input for the voltage measurement from the PDB.

The camera is available in the 16: 9 format (suitable for widescreen goggles, e.g. Skyzone).

The camera contains the 2.5mm HQ lens.

Key Features

  • Color: blue
  • Image sensor: 1 / 2.9" CMOS
  • Horizontal resolution: 1200TVL
  • Lens: HQ 2.5mm
  • TV format: switchable NTSC/PAL
  • OSD
  • Minimal illumination: 0.0001Lux / F1.2
  • Image format: 16:9
  • WDR: Global WDR
  • Input voltage: 5-40 VDC
  • Metal case
  • Dimensions: 26mm * 28mm

Package Includes

1x Foxeer Monster V2
1x OSD controller
1x Cable set
1x Mounting holder