VAS Crosshair Extreme RHCP/LHCP

On the way - Feb 15, 2023
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€ 48,99

Video Aerial Systems (VAS) is an American company focused on the development and production of antennas. They own several patents and their antennas are among the absolute best.

FPV’s favorite “patch killer” antenna has a new upgraded element. The patent pending vector-phasing technology of the Crosshair Xtreme gives both longer range and better signal clarity. Designed to be a long range/obstacle penetration antenna improvements include increased gain, beamwidth, and bandwidth.

Key Features

  • Gain: 10.25dBi
  • Axial ratio: 0.99
  • Bandwidth: 5080-6000MHz
  • Flight beam: 120°
  • -3db point: +-30°

Package Includes

  • 1x Antenna
  • 1x 45° SMA Adapter