T-Motor T5150 (10pcs)

€ 4,96

The T5150 is an attractive propeller with elegant shapes and the latest T-motor propeller (January 2019) designed primarily for racing. Thanks to their low weight, the propellers have an immediate response; at the same time, they are slightly strengthened compared to the T5143 for higher durability. Supplied in practical 5pcs CW and 5pcs CCW packaging.

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Key Features

  • Shaft ø: 5 mm
  • Propeller ø: 5.1"
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 5.2g
  • POPO compatibility: Yes
  • Color: by variant

Package Includes

  • 5x T5150-1 CW
  • 5x T5150-1 CCW