T-Motor F40PRO II 2400KV

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Engine designed specifically for FPV Racing - this is also the case for its extremely low weight, which is only 29.5g, which is an interesting result in category 2306 . The F40PRO II (v2) boasts even higher quality bearings than its predecessor, but also with a pecional silver winding that resists temperatures up to 240 ° C, so it is more resistant to overhead currents than its competitors. The F40PRO II wound at 2400KV is the ideal ratio between high efficiency and maximum power, making the engine a high torque , making it a great choice for freestyle rails. The bearing surface at the front of the engine has a roughened surface for secure propulsion of the propeller. The user-proven quality and appealing design of the F40PRO II makes it one of the most attractive T-engine products for 2018 .

Key Features

  • Engine size: 2306
  • KV: 2400
  • Color: Adamantium Greay
  • Weight (including cable): 29.5g
  • Arrangement: 12N14P
  • Cable length: 100mm (AWG20)

Package Includes

  • 1x T-motor F40PRO II including fasteners