Rotorama Spearhead V1 - Used

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Rotorama Spearhead is a unique frame designed for DCL. Gopro Session is inside of the frame protected by carbon fiber sidewalls.
The shape of the frame is "true X", where the distance between the front and rear motors is the same as between the left and right motors. The diagonal distance between motors is 325mm.
The frame has a sophisticated design, making it very durable, all components are perfectly protected and easily accessible.
The main designer of the frame is Martin Laža, who also stands for the favorite frames Rotorama Mefisto and Samurai.

All offered frames are used but carefully refurbished. Carbon is used but carefully checked to avoid delamination or cracking. Smaller scratches and scratches are present on the carbon.

Key Features

Weight: 174g

Size: 325mm

Carbon Thickness: 4mm