HGLRC Racewhoop25

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The HGLRC Racewhoop25 is a small and durable Cinewhoop for 2.5" propellers. The frame is in a pusher configuration (motors upside down) and the propellers are protected by durable plastic. Thus, larger 2004 motors and the like are typically used. Thanks to this, Racewhoop has enough power due to its size and can carry a "full-fat" GoPro. Of course, Naked GoPro can also be used. Thanks to its higher performance and durable covers, Racewhoop is also suitable for flying without a GoPro for fun.

Key Features

  • Maximum propeller size: 2.5"
  • Size: 167x167mm
  • Stack mounting holes: 20x20mm M3 / 25,5x25,5mm M2
  • Mounting holes for motors: ∅12mm M2
  • Stack space: 25mm
  • Camera size: Micro (19mm)
  • Weight: 100.4g

Package Includes

  • 1x HGLRC Racewhoop25