Gemfan Moonlight LED 51466

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Gemfan Moonlight are unique propellers with LED lighting. An LED with contacts and batteries are inserted in the center of the propeller. After tightening the nut, the LED starts to light up and illuminates the entire blade of the propeller, which creates a glowing disk during the flight. An example of propeller assembly can be found in the video below.
Batteries not included. Recommended battery types are: LR521, LR69, AG0, 379, SR521 with a size of 5.8x2.1mm.

Key Features

  • Inch: 5"
  • Pitch:3.6"
  • Weight:3.79g(no battery)
  • Lighting time:15-30min

Package Includes

  • 4x Propeller
  • 4x LED system
  • 16x Copper sheet
  • 4x Gasket
  • 1x Battery removal pin
  • 1x Instruction manual