Rotorama @ Drone Champions League

Our Rotorama Racing Team takes part in Season 2 of the prestigious race series Drone Champions League! After months of careful preparations, we successfully tested our brand-new machine in the first race in Paris where we took the third place competing against the best pilots in the world.


About DCL

In the Drone Champions League, the world-best pilots compete against each other in attractive locations and in a new format focused on teamwork.Quali­fication races consist of time-trials where a team’s collective result determines where it will be placed for the final rounds. During the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, two teams of four pilots compete in 3 heats. The first and second heats are called “single heat” as each race is 1 vs. 1. The winner gets 1 point for his team. Heat 3, or the “big heat”, is 4 vs. 4 where all 4 team pilots are flying. The winning team gets 1 point, a bonus of 2 points is given if 3 pilots from the same team finish in the top 3 positions. The team with the most points through 3 heats moves onto the next round. During Final round, there are 5 heats. Each pilot from each team competes in a “single heat” (total of 4 single heats) and the final heat is again a “big heat”.


Where? When? How?
Paris June 4th
3rd place (Report)
Austria August 12–13th
In preparation
Brussels September 23–24th
In preparation
Salina Turda October 14–15th
In preparation
Asia November In preparation
Berlin December 2–3rd In preparation


For DCL, copters with the minimal weight of 700 grams, 4S power supply, Connex Prosight FPV system, TBS Crossfire RC, and GoPro Session HD cameras are prescribed. Based on these specific requirements, we have created an entirely new Rotorama Champion frame and we believe that we will be successful only in the races themselves but also in the best-frame competition. This state-of-the-art racing frame, along with technical details, is also available in our shop.

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