Connex ProSight HD complete set

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Digital future of the HD image transfer is available for you to enjoy already now using the complete Connex ProSight HD set. This set contains everything you need:

  • Video transmitter
  • HD camera
  • Receiver with HDMI output

Video transmission using conventional analog systems brings frequent disturbances and dropouts, in addition to the low (television) quality. In contrast, Connex ProSight HD provides crystal-clear images in HD and without interruptions and interference.

New chapter in FPV
CONNEX ProSight brings FPV drone flying to a whole new level. The experience of flying is much stronger for both beginners and advanced users. Connex ProSight HD changes the game with unrivaled picture quality, wireless transmission with minimal latency, simple installation and configuration, and improved capabilities of handling more pilots flying in parallel.
The camera is optimized for indoor flying: the high-performance mod supports HDR, night mode and more.

HD FPV camera
The CONNEX ProSight HD camera is optimized for indoor and outdoor flying with advanced High-Dynamic-Range sensor which provides crystal-clear 720p delay-free video.

HD transmitter
CONNEX ProSight transmitter fully supports uncompressed digital delay-free HD transmission. Everything is optimized for parallel flying of multiple pilots, thereby allowing pilots in the race a whole new level of experience.

Robust digital HD receiver
CONNEX ProSight receiver provides robust digital transmission over the 5GHz band. The HDMI interface is compatible with all popular HDMI goggle (e.g. SkyZone) and screens on the market.

Key Features

  • 720p30 HD Camera with High-Dynamic Range sensor and 2.8 mm lens
  • Receiver with 720p60 output via HDMI to minimize motion blur
  • Compatible with all popular HDMI glasses and monitors
  • Digital pairing of transmitter and receiver to minimize interference
  • Range from 300 m to 1000 m (varies depending on the environmental)
  • Advanced channel configuration when more pilots fly in parallel: Auto & manual mode with support for 27 digital channels (FCC)
  • Configuration via Bluetooth using Android / iOS app or through the built-in OSD menu
  • The latency from the camera to the HDMI output of the receiver just 26 ms

Receiver Transmitter Camera
Dimensions 75x115x17 mm 65x36.5x7.2mm 28x20x27 mm
Weight 134g 32g 13g
Input voltage 8 - 26 V (2S to 6S) 8 - 17V (2S to 4S) 5V (from the transmitter)
Connector DC Jack 4-pin MIPI connector
Consumption 3.5W 4.1W 1W
Antenna connectors 5 SMA R/P 2 external MMCX connectors N/A
Video interface HDMI (Type A) MIPI
SW upgrade Micro USB Micro USB Through the transmitter
ConfigurationMobile App via Bluetooth Mobile App via Bluetooth Mobile App via Bluetooth
Through the transmitter
Camera modes N/A N/A
High Quality (<26ms)

Package Includes

  • HD camera
  • HD transmitter
  • HD receiver