Rotorama Spirit ARF

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Rotorama Spirit ARF is an unassembled set of lightweight (139 grams without batteries) and yet durable and incredibly agile, designed to fly in the hall and outdoors. Thanks to its sophisticated split-arm design, its installation and possible arm replacement is very simple.

The copter has minimal aerodynamic drag, which, combined with 1407 engines and 3S, delivers the ultimate flight characteristics that do not leave even the top and seasoned pilots at ease.

Our recommended setup provides a great performance surplus, so the dock is particularly suited for more advanced pilots. We recommend that you deploy a smaller 3 "propeller or drive with a 2S battery for starting pilots.

We recommend using 3S 70 + C batteries with a capacity of 550-850 mAh.

If you do not feel like building the copter yourself, we will be happy to assemble it for you within a few days. Simply put in the order set up the assortment .

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