iFlight SucceX-D Mini F7 TwinG Stack (Mini F7+40A ESC)

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SucceX-D Mini F7 TwinG Stack is a combination of a control unit with an F7 processor and powerful 40A ESC. The control unit is designed for easy connection of the DJI FPV digital HD system. The DJI flight unit can be connected via a connector, which avoids soldering and makes construction even easier. Instead of micro USB, the control unit uses reliable USB-C. You can use the same cable to connect both the control unit and the DJI FPV system.

TwinG uses two identical IMU chips rotated 90° from each other. In betaflight, the signal from the gyroscopes is combined, which results in a signal with less noise. As a result, additional filtering can be alleviated, reducing latency and improving flight performance. The F7 processor has enough computing power and UARTs, so it is also great for copters with GPS and other peripherals.

The control unit is complemented by a high-quality 40A ESC, which can also handle powerful 5" motors. Thanks to the BlHeli_32 firmware, it also supports all modern functions.

Wiring diagram: here

Key Features


  • MCU: 216MHz STM32F722
  • Gyro : 2x ICM20689
  • Blackbox : 32MB
  • OSD support
  • BEC: 5V 2.5A / 9V 2.5A
  • Number of UARTs : 5
  • Connector for ESC connection
  • Connector for connecting DJI FPV
  • Input voltage: 2-6S
  • Firmware: IFLIGHT_F722_TWING
  • Size: 29x29mm

  • MCU: STM32F051K66
  • Includes current sensor
  • Input voltage: 2-6S
  • Current carrying capacity: 40A
  • BlHeli32 telemetry support
  • Size: 31x31mm

Package Includes

  • 1x FC
  • 1x ESC