ISDT SC-608 LiPo charger

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High quality lipo-battery charger with up to 150W / 8A charging power and a clear LCD display. The charger has very small dimensions, so it is also ideal for "field" charging. It features high charging efficiency as well.

A large color display with a wide viewing angle and an intuitive user interface makes using this charger very enjoyable. 

You can update your charger's operating system from your computer. 

The input voltage to the charger is DC 9-32 V; it can not be connected directly to the 220V mains - this requires a DC voltage source.

Key Features

  • input voltage: DC 9 ~ 32V
  • output voltage: 0 ~ 30V
  • charging current: 0.1 ~ 8.0A
  • discharge current: 0.1 ~ 3.0A
  • charging power: 150W
  • discharge power: 5W
  • balancing current: 500mA/cell
  • number of lipo cells for balancing: 2-6S
  • supported battery types: LiFe / Lilon / LiPo / LiHv (1∽6S), NiMH / Cd (1∽18S), Pb (1∽12S)
  • display: 2.4" 320x240 IPS LCD
  • dimensions: 88x58x21 mm
  • weight: 110g 

Package Includes

1x charger