DYS Storm 2300kv

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DYS Storm 2207 2300kv pushes the power limit one step further than the 2206 motors . It excels in high torque, reasonable consumption, and high quality workmanship. The advantage is the hollow shaft, the new N54 magnets and the reasonable (within the 2207 category) weight of 33.7g. With a 6x4 propeller, the motor has a static thrust of about 1400g on 4S.

Key Features

  • Size 2207 (stator diameter 22 mm, length 7 mm)
  • 2300 KV
  • Shaft diameter 5 mm
  • Engine dimensions: Φ27.7x18.7mm
  • Weight 33.73g
  • Number of cells: 3-6S

Package Includes

  • Motor
  • Accessories