RC Factory Zorro Wing

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Zorro Wing is a super agile wing from the Czech manufacturer RC Factory. The wing has a push drive, which is thus better protected in the event of an impact. Zorro is a 90cm EPP wing, which is designed for outdoor fast acrobatics, fun fights (preferably not contact) and wild flying at all. Zorro Wing has aerodynamic fences for increased stability at low speeds. It has low weight and durable EPP construction. Zorro Wing is primarily for fun, for pilots of all levels. Also suitable as the first model controlled by ailerons, right after mastering the basics, for example with the Step One model. FPV can be mounted on the Zorro Wing as well.

Electronics are not part of the aircraft. Manual can be found here.
Zorro is recommended for use with a 70-80 grams battery (650mAh 4S, 850mAh 3S), 5-8" propeller and two 9g servos.

Key Features

  • Span: 900 mm
  • Length: 340 mm
  • Flight weight: 240 g

Package Includes

  • 1x airplane kit