RC Factory Step One

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The Step One model was designed by Jan Sedláček especially for beginners of RC flying, but also for the entertainment of the more experienced.

The construction is in the standard thickness of EPP, so Step One is durable and almost unbreakable. RC Factory tried to simplify the assembly of the model as much as possible, so that even an inexperienced modeler would build the model correctly and without complications. Very detailed instructions are also subject to this. If you follow the recommended settings, there is no problem operating the Step One. All you have to do is control it with engine power and rudder. The model is calm and stable in the air, however, choose windless for the first starts. The easily removable wing makes transport easy even when traveling, for example on holiday. We supply the Step One model with a chassis, so you can train takeoffs and landings from the ground. Due to the large wheels, you can also start from cut grass. When dismantling the landing gear, flight performance will be further improved. Always take off and land against the wind, this will reduce the flight speed to the ground and you will need less space to take off and land.
Alternatively, an FPV cabin with preparation for mounting a camera and video transmitter can be purchased for the model. Electronics are not part of the aircraft. Instructions can be found here.
Step One is recommended for use with a 35-45 grams battery (550mAh 2S, 450mAh 3S), 6-7" propeller and two 5-9g servos.

Key Features

  • Span: 850 mm
  • Length: 720 mm
  • Weight: 180 g

Package Includes

  • 1x airplane kit