ImmersionRC Tramp HV International

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The ImmersionRC Tramp HV together with TBS Unify Pro is the only two video transmitters that can be used on races. This position was achieved thanks to their reliability and especially minimal interference outside the channel they are currently broadcasting.

The ImmersionRC Tramp has adjustable transmission power from 1mw to 600mW and available with 48 standard channels. It is very small and light - weighs just 4g. It has a U.FL connector and a pigtax with a SMA antenna connector (can be changed for RP-SMA or directly with the U.FL connector).

It can be powered directly from the 2S-6S lipo, while providing a clean 5V power outlet for the camera.

An advantage is also the pit-mode support, with the transmitter transmitting very little power with minimal reach - the pilot can tune the drone without endangering the running race.

All transmitter configuration can also be done using a special TNR Wand drive (not included).

The transmitter incorporates built-in temperature protection, continuously monitoring its temperature and, if necessary, reducing the transmitting power to avoid total overheating.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: L = 32mm x W = 20mm x H = 8mm
  • weight: 4g
  • transmit power: programmable, 1mW - 600mW
  • channels: 48 standard
  • RF Impedance: 50 ohms
  • RF connector: U.FL
  • AV connector: JST-GH, 6 pin, locking
  • TNR connector: JST-GH, 4 pin, locking
  • audio: Mono
  • video Impedance: 75 ohms
  • power supply: 2s-6s HV Lipo
  • consumption: ~ 4W max. @ 600mW, ~ 1.9W @ 200mW